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For more than 30 years, Alsace Techniques Etiquetage Research & Development department has been working on the constant improvement of its manufacturing and transformation processes. Our experience, know-how and technology are at your service.

About ATE

Filling the gaps in the world of cutting by adapting the machine to the product and not the other way round” is the philosophy of Alsace Techniques Etiquetage, whose objective is customer satisfaction. ATE, a family business founded in 1989, has become a global leader in the world of customised flexible material transformation. Guaranteeing very high precision technical cuts and unrivaled repeated processes, ATE is the trusted partner of the most demanding industries.

A family business with an international scope

  • 14,9 M€ of sales
in 2023

    14,9 M€ of sales
    in 2023

  • 3/4 realized 
at the export

    3/4 realized
    at the export

  • 295 active 

    295 active

  • 22 countries 

    22 countries

  • 69 employees

    69 employees

  • 6500 sqm 

    6500 sqm

  • 700 raw 

    700 raw

  • 40 machines

    40 machines

We are present in many markets

As a world-renowned specialist in customised adhesive and non-adhesive solutions, ATE works hand in hand with numerous companies from all sectors of activity. Our innovative and high value-added solutions are applied to all fields with the same level of technical expertise.


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Soundproofing Adhesive Adhesive Sealant Nutritional labelSound insulation UL label Adhesive Electrical insulation Protective film RFID tag Promote + découvrirFaceplate Inventory label
Traceability label Thermal insulation QR code Adhesive PU silicone neoprene foamsAdhesive Heat sink Security label Peel-off mask Datamatrix Promotional discount coupon Single-sided Multi-surface identificationSignage label
Dry decal Single-sided Tracing + découvrirTemporary or permanent adhesionBar codes Double-sided Adhesive Double-sided QR code Protect + découvrirSealant Hologram Single-sided Polyamide, PET, PP, PE and PU film
VOID label Adhesive Discount coupon Temporary or permanent assembly Bar code Fixing adhesive Braille label Electromagnetic shielding Identification label Storage label Promotional labelSingle-sided Cable identification Inform + découvrir
Assembling + découvrirMonogram Pollution insulation Double-sided Insulate + découvrirPolyamide, PET, PP, PE and PU filmMasking + découvrirProtective film Identify + découvrirDatamatrix Tamper-evident label Electrical insulation Non-woven paper

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