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Since 1989, our commitments have been the driving force behind our success. Humanity, product quality and ecology are our main pillars.

A chain of trust

At Alsace Techniques Etiquetage, we place people at the centre of our activity. Trust and quality of exchanges are values that we defend every day, with our customers of course, but also within our team and with our partners. Our objective: to create a real chain of trust. With a view to continuous improvement, we have set up satisfaction questionnaires. Customer testimonials are carefully studied. They are a motivating factor for all our employees and enable us to constantly optimise our processes. Daniel Burg, CEO of ATE, borrows the words of Jean-Michel Hiolle, Chairman and Founder of Hiolle Industries, to sum up the importance of people in a company: “The value of people cannot be seen in a balance sheet, yet it is the value of people that provides its results.

Quality above all

We are committed to providing our customers with products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing and that meet their needs in every respect. Quality is our top priority. Our objective is to satisfy our customers. To achieve this, we have equipped ourselves with the best machines on the market. In order to ensure constant quality and to always meet our customers’ requirements, we invest 10% of our turnover in new technologies every year. The aim is to “close the gaps in the cutting world by adapting the machine to the product and not the other way round”, according to Daniel Burg. Our expert team offers solutions adapted to each problem. Whatever the specific needs of your market, ATE is at your side.

Ecology, a natural approach

Our industrial approach includes an essential ecological method. This is why Alsace Techniques Etiquetage does everything possible to avoid unnecessary consumption of raw materials. With ever more efficient and less energy-consuming machines, vacuum systems, particle filters, dimmable motors, LED lamps, etc., we do our utmost to save energy on a daily basis. We also sort materials at the end of production to facilitate recycling.

ATE, a conscious enterprise.

A family business with an international scope

  • 13,5 M euro turnover

    13,5 M euro turnover

  • 2/3 of turnover from exports

    2/3 of turnover from exports

  • 320 active customers

    320 active customers

  • 21 countries supplied

    21 countries supplied

  • 69 employees

    69 employees

  • 3000 M2 of production space

    3000 M2 of production space

  • 700 raw materials

    700 raw materials

  • 40 machines

    40 machines