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Customisable and easily replaceable, the label remains an ideal medium for promoting a product. ATE specialises in this effective communication tool, which is highly appreciated by professionals in all sectors of activity.

Promoting with adhesive: properties and applications

At Alsace Techniques Etiquetage, we offer a wide range of adhesive solutions to professionals looking for impactful communication on quality materials.

Easy to use, it is commonly used for sales operations in shops and supermarkets, where it is a real time saver when labelling products.

The tape can be used on a multitude of traditional or high-tech, natural or synthetic substrates: paper, cardboard, PVC, glass, wood, concrete, metals, ceramics, fabric, leather etc. Thanks to its creative dimension, adhesive tape also offers many possibilities in terms of interior and exterior decoration.

Finally, adhesive is also used in the packaging sector. In addition to informing customers about the characteristics of a product, it also enhances the product, making it aesthetically pleasing and attractive. Simplicity and originality make adhesive tape an essential tool for promoting a company or a product.

Alsace Techniques Labelling : our adhesives to promote

Easy to use and efficient to promote your company, your services and products, adhesive tape is a practical and reliable information vector. Alsace Techniques Etiquetage offers a wide variety of adhesives to professionals in the food, electronics, household appliance and furniture markets.

Whether it’s discount coupons or promotional labels, our high quality adhesives are an economical solution for your communication. Shapes, colours, sizes, for indoor and outdoor use, we offer you customisable adhesives, which adapt to your company’s visual identity and highlight your brand image.

ATE, the adhesive promotion.

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    14,9 M€ of sales
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    3/4 realized
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    295 active

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    22 countries

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