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Adhesive is used to hold or fix several elements together reliably, even under extreme conditions. ATE is the specialist in adhesive assembly solutions.

Joining with adhesive: properties and applications

More versatile, lighter and more discreet than traditional fixing methods, adhesive has been proven to match or exceed the performance of rivets, screws, nuts, bolts, staples, liquid glues, etc., in joining two or more materials. Quick and easy to use, double-sided adhesive tapes and adhesive transfer tapes are thinner, lighter and offer an infinite range of applications.

They dramatically reduce assembly time, allow the assembly of sometimes very different substrates, improve the design of the finished product and offer great design freedom and options.

Depending on the characteristics of the adhesive, of which there is an impressive variety, it is capable of withstanding chemical, climatic and temperature extremes. It also allows the stress between the materials being joined to be homogenised, unlike traditional methods of bonding.

Double-sided tapes and adhesive transfer tapes offer further advantages such as noise and vibration reduction. They also offer the option of permanent or temporary assembly. Alsace Techniques Etiquetage offers an endless range of adhesive solutions.

The lamination process allows you to assemble several materials together (max. 16) and to obtain a unique final product combining the properties of the laminated materials up to 610 mm width.

Alsace Techniques Labelling: our adhesives for assembling

Covering a wide range of assembly applications, adhesives offer multiple advantages for companies in the transport, construction, electronics, packaging, health, building, energy or communication markets. Whatever your sector of activity, Alsace Techniques Etiquetage offers you tailor-made solutions and support throughout your project.

ATE, safe assembly.

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