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There are many adhesive and non-adhesive solutions to assemble, fix, protect and inform. ATE prints and cuts all types of flexible material to meet your needs.

Informing with adhesive: properties and applications

Adhesive allows you to communicate information to your customers in a clear, legible and durable way.

Whether it is to carry your brand, to include information about your product on a support, or to indicate possible warnings and dangers, Alsace Techniques Etiquetage designs a wide range of adhesive labels for you.

The adhesives we supply are resistant to chemicals, radiation, liquids, but also to light and heat. With these properties, our adhesive solutions are reliable indicators that are useful for informing users about your products.

The applications are varied and our adhesive labels provide solutions for many markets: food, transport, health, furniture, household appliances and electronics, as well as energy, logistics, communication and packaging.

Alsace Techniques Étiquetage: our informative adhesives

Alsace Techniques Etiquetage has been specialising in printing and cutting since 1989 and puts its know-how at the service of your needs.

To inform your customers and provide them with all the useful information about your products and services, we offer you a wide range of solutions: barcode, signage label, UL label, control label, QR code, Braille label, Datamatrix or even nutritional label.

Regardless of the type of adhesive and substrate required, the design of the label, its technical characteristics and its dimensions, we provide you with tailor-made solutions that meet your most specific requirements.

ATE, the informative adhesive.

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    14,9 M€ of sales
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    3/4 realized
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    295 active

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    22 countries

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