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Resistant, durable, waterproof and flame retardant, adhesives have many advantages and offer a multitude of protection solutions for a wide range of sectors.

Protecting with adhesive: properties and applications

Adhesive, whether single or double-sided, repositionable or permanent, is the ideal material for protecting surfaces against a wide range of damages and risks.

Reliable and durable, it can resist stress corrosion, cracking and deformation when exposed to extreme temperatures and weather conditions, as well as UV and chemicals.

This is why adhesive is used in a wide variety of environmental applications. Flame retardant adhesives also act as a barrier against flames and combustible materials.

Our adhesive solutions are also effective against shock, vibration and other concentrated stresses and can act as a shield against water, moisture or dust.

Alsace Techniques Etiquetage: our adhesives to protect

Thanks to their multiple properties, our adhesive solutions meet the needs of the transport, health and electronics markets, as well as the construction and household appliance industries.

To meet the demands of each of these sectors, Alsace Techniques Etiquetage offers a wide range of solutions: protective films, heat sinks, RFID labels, but also electrical insulators, seals, VOID labels, sound insulators, electromagnetic shielding, tamper-evident labels and holograms.

With more than 30 years of experience, we are able to adapt each of these solutions to your specific needs. Whether it’s the type of adhesive, the substrate, or the size and design, we can create customised adhesive parts to meet your specific requirements.

ATE, tailor-made protection.

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    13,5 M euro turnover

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    320 active customers

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