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Adhesive has useful features in assembly, packaging and mounting, but also in masking.

Masking with adhesive: properties and applications

From standard masking tapes to customised cut parts, the masking solutions offered by Alsace Techniques Etiquetage can be used in all surface preparation and protection operations, repairs, varnishing, painting, decoration, finishing, etc., in the transport sector in particular (automotive, rail, aeronautics) but also in the construction and electronics sectors.

Our adhesive masking solutions have a high resistance to extreme temperatures (approx. 300°) and can be supplied in standard rolls or cut to size to meet your project requirements. They are easy to apply and remove and have the advantage of leaving no adhesive residue.

Alsace Techniques Labelling: our masking tapes

Be it transport, electronics or construction markets, our solutions meet the needs of many sectors of activity. Alsace Techniques Etiquetage custom-cuts your masking solutions: peelable masks, protective films, masking films, masking tapes. According to the needs of each company, we are able to adapt all our products. Our objective: to satisfy our customers’ requirements, even the most specific ones, with tailor-made adhesive solutions.

ATE, the masking solution.

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